Reducing the environmental impact of transportation and reducing dependence on fossil fuels are key challenges for the coming years and decades.

From today's perspective, the future belongs to electromobility and for this reason Asfinag, together with its service station partners, is stepping up its efforts to provide the necessary charging infrastructure along freeways and expressways.

E-charging station at the Eben Landzeit Süd service station

At the Eben Landzeit Süd service station, there are currently charging stations equipped with the world's most common plug types (CHAdeMO, CCS and Type 2), allowing all e-cars and plug-in hybrid vehicles currently on the market to be charged.

With the charging capacities (50 kW, 150 kW, in some cases 350 kW), cars can be largely charged (up to 80 percent battery capacity) in less than 30 minutes. Multilingual displays and e-roaming also give foreign e-mobilists the opportunity to charge their vehicles easily and conveniently.

E-charging station at the Kesselgrub family hotel

At the FAMILIENHOTEL KESSELGRUB, just a 5-minute drive away, you will find further publicly accessible charging stations for your electric car, namely two special charging stations for your TESLA - Destination Charging - as well as a general charging station, usable for all electric cars with a type 2 plug.

Please register during reception hours (07:00 to 20:00) by telephone on +43 6452 / 5232 or directly at the hotel reception to reserve and activate the charging station for you.

The e-charging stations are available to the public. Payment methods: credit and debit card.

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