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Our Tom Tailor Outlet offers you international fashion trends for everyday life, which you can purchase from us at low prices.


The Tom Tailor lifestyle

The style of our brand, whether Tom Tailor for women or Tom Tailor for men, is young and urban. Our fashion follows the current zeitgeist, yet is independent of short-lived trends and international anyway. Our brand therefore reflects a special way of life: it is modern, yet timeless and can be combined in many different ways. Visit us at the Tom Tailor Outlet and find out how well the Tom Tailor lifestyle suits you!


History of the Tom Tailor brand

Tom Tailor is an internationally renowned brand. In the Tom Tailor outlet, we also offer you trendy casual goods including accessories for men and women. The company was founded in Hamburg in 1962. Since then, Tom Tailor has been inspiring with authentic fashion that stands for a light and positive attitude to life. Discover Tom Tailor for women or Tom Tailor for men. Our range is available to you at discounted prices.

Did you already know that? When Tom Tailor was founded, it was an import company offering corduroy pants and terry towels from India. At that time, the company was still trading as Henke und Co. The product range was later expanded to include men's underwear. The first corduroy trousers offered by the company were advertised as "Tom". Subsequently, this name was extended to "Tailor", which corresponds to the German "Schneider".


Tom Tailor ladies

Our brand offers a wide range of clothing in the Tom Tailor women's line, as well as shoes, leather goods, bags and accessories. In addition to Tom Tailor denim for women, there are also dresses and skirts, jackets, blouses, tunics, jumpsuits, T-shirts, shorts and chinos. We also offer matching shoes in the Tom Tailor outlet, which can also be combined with trendy belts and sunglasses.

At the Tom Tailor Outlet, you get a colorful mix of styles between casual and trendy lifestyle. Our Tom Tailor women's items are easy to combine and simply make you feel good when styling and wearing them. In the beginning, the Tom Tailor brand sold more sportswear, but after great success, we are constantly expanding our range. Nevertheless, we have remained true to our style as a company and still design sporty and casual fashion. It is casual and can be perfectly combined. So you can reinvent your sporty everyday look at any time. On the other hand, the clothing you will find in the Tom Tailor outlet is absolutely authentic without being overpowering. Nevertheless, Tom Tailor for women is modern and contemporary. Our high-quality materials ensure an incomparably good feeling on the skin.

Let our Tom Tailor women's collections inspire you to create your own style. And if you get stuck, we will be happy to advise you in our Tom Tailor outlet!


Tom Tailor men

Our Tom Tailor men's collections also include clothing, shoes, leather goods, bags and other accessories. The men's fashion available at the Tom Tailor outlet comes in the form of jeans, sweatshirts, shirts, jackets and much more. If modern and casual fashion that is comfortable to wear is important to you, then you've come to the right place at Tom Tailor Outlet! Here you will find trendy shirts and shirts that you can combine with matching jeans and mix and match again and again.

The outfits stand out above all with their clean cuts, which can adapt well to any body type. Bring the Tom Tailor men's casual look home and wear it not only in everyday life, but also in the office or on other occasions. With clothing from our Tom Tailor outlet, you'll always be well dressed.


Tom Tailor Denim

The Tom Tailor Outlet range also includes our special line called Tom Tailor Denim. Here, everything revolves around jeans and the lifestyle they express. Blue jeans are timeless and have been an integral part of our closet for many decades. This applies not only to men, but also to women and children. The Tom Tailor Outlet offers jeans in different variations that showcase your individual denim personality.

The individual pieces from Tom Tailor Denim fit together perfectly and impress with their tasteful colors. Naturally, all shades of blue dominate this line. Like everything in our Tom Tailor outlet, our clothing is comfortable and stands out with its tasteful style.

Wearing our Tom Tailor Denim collection conveys the Tom Tailor attitude to life and a certain kind of freedom. The clothing in this line, which you can buy in the Tom Tailor Outlet, is characterized by comfortable jeans, sweatshirts and knitwear. Special washes ensure an individual denim look.

Tom Tailor Denim stands for fashion with a casual and everyday look that can also be worn for business. It is cool and casual at the same time and impresses with high-quality fabrics for a comfortable feel.


Visit the Tom Tailor Outlet Eben im Pongau now to discover our cool and stylish looks. Find out which outfits suit you or get advice from our Tom Tailor Outlet team!

Frequently asked questions:

What makes the Tom Tailor outlet different from other Tom Tailor stores?

Here at the Tom Tailor Outlet Eben im Pongau you can buy everything from Tom Tailor at lower prices, but get the same excellent quality as anywhere else in the world!

What occasions does Tom Tailor fashion suit?

Tom Tailor women's and Tom Tailor men's fashion can be worn both in everyday life and on festive occasions, as our range has the right clothing for every moment of life.

Is Tom Tailor an expensive brand?

Tom Tailor as a brand is usually in the mid-price segment. In our Tom Tailor outlet, however, you can store at lower prices without compromising on quality.

What does the Tom Tailor brand look like?

Tom Tailor shirts often run a little smaller. So our tip: try on the clothes in our Tom Tailor outlet and choose a size larger if necessary.

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