Restaurant Paularei

just 7 kilometers away from the Tauern Outlet

Delightful and authentic – this is how the culinary offerings of the Paularei are best described. Captured by the homely atmosphere, which is created by the trendy vintage design, you are invited to enjoy your favorite food all day long.
A hearty breakfast is served from 07:30 am until 10:00 am (upon request). At lunchtime, for supper and also late in the evening until 10:00 pm, the menu card offers the most delicious treats for even the most pampered palates.

The unique room design in the Paularei is a true highlight, in which flexible areas and differing room heights perfectly harmonize with soft contrasts. Rounded off by graffities and artistic photography at the highest level, this all results in a convincing entity comprising large dining tables, the parlor, the cozy fireplace and the striking bar.


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Flachauerstraße 353
A-5542 Flachau
Tel.: +43 6457 2205 804