An absolute climber - the trend is called Bike & Hike!

The advent of the electric motor is also creating excitement in the hiking scene:
More and more mountaineers are combining the ascent on foot with a short bike ride. This makes the way to the mountain hut faster and less arduous, saves energy for the ascent and gives you more time to enjoy the most beautiful part of the hike. In addition, e-bikes with their uphill support also attract mountaineers to the two-wheeler who are otherwise rather deterred by the sweaty cycling.

Don't let heavy luggage prevent you from hiking, but look forward to the relaxed descent during the ascent - a reward you have earned by conquering the summit! And if you haven't got all your equipment together yet, why not take a detour to our Outlet Center Eben! There you will find high-quality sports equipment and robust leisure wear from various well-known brands at a low price. To give you a little inspiration for your next bike and hike holiday in and around Salzburg, we have picked out a wonderful tour for you.

Lackenkogel View Salzburg

A wonder of nature - the Lackenkogel

The path up to the Lackenkogel is wonderfully varied and, as a planned bike and hike tour, a real adventure trip.
The tour starts with an idyllic bike ride up to the Lackenalm. The path over the mountain ridge between Flachau and Radstadt offers a great view of the surrounding villages, of which the municipality of Altenmarkt is particularly captivating with its fairytale charm.

Once you arrive at the Lackenalm, it's off the bike and up to the summit. This ascent is particularly versatile with its both flat and somewhat steeper hiking trail sections and guarantees breathtaking views. At the top, you can enjoy an enchanting panoramic view of the picturesque landscape and all the surrounding mountains, especially the Dachstein with its impressive double mountain range.

After the descent back to the Lackenalm, you enjoy a peaceful snack of homemade food and drink before the final descent, the second highlight of this little trip. Here you will feel the fresh wind in your face one last time for this tour, rewarding you for the previous ascent.

Of course there are several other worthwhile Bike&Hike tours in and around the Pongau! We have hidden one of them as an insider tip in our blog entry about the most popular excursion destinations in the Salzburg region. So get on your bike and up the mountain!


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