The Outlet Center Eben is your hotspot for affordable sports, fashion and lifestyle brands in Salzburger Land. But how exactly do the low prices come about in the first place?

When shopping in our fashion outlet near Salzburg, many customers ask themselves why brand-name clothing is so cheap with us. To answer this question, you have to understand the principle of an outlet:

Originally, the "outlet" concept comes from the USA - and like so many other ideas, this one has also made its way to Europe, where designer outlets have fought for their place in the shopping world in recent years. The recipe for success sounds simple at first: offer brands at lower prices than the competition. But how is this possible without compromising on quality? We take a look at where our brands come from and what is so special about them.

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Outlet centres offer clothing that comes directly from the manufacturer. These are the usual goods from the previous year, leftover stock and overproduction.

Outlet goods are therefore brand-name clothes that are not in short supply, but simply no longer brand-new, but still fashionable, of high quality and fully in the spirit of the times. B-ware is also sold in outlet centres, even if only to a vanishingly small extent.

The latest fashions can always be found in retail outlets. Outlet centres are the perfect complement to this - those who want to shop price-consciously will find breathtaking bargains and fashionable offers of high quality here. The image of full halls at factory sales is also now long outdated: Modern outlet stores have their very own stylish flair and present themselves in a stylish boutique manner.


In addition to all these reasons, there are two other factors that allow our brands to offer high quality goods at significantly lower prices than a normal brand shop can:

On the one hand, returns or remaining stock from the previous year's collections can be sold off at favourable prices - this saves the brand considerably on storage costs. In addition, a fashion outlet requires less space for the sale of branded clothing compared to conventional retail shops and is often located outside city centres, which results in significantly lower rental costs.

These low fixed costs make it possible for our brands to offer their goods at high quality at extremely low prices. And whether you want to bag great outfits from Cecil or Street One or arm yourself with the latest outdoor trends from Odlo for the next bike tour - so that you know which brands you can find with us, we have a small overview for you here:

Now that you know, you can happily shop away!
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